Marvelous Macaques

We have had 2 busy days; mostly travelling out to Nagano and onto to Yudakana to see the “Snow Monkeys” as this group of Japanese Macaques are known as. It was lovely to get up out of the city and see all the beautiful autumn leaves, distant snow capped mountains and to wander along through an alpine forest. The monkeys were just amazing, wandering around as if the people weren’t there at all! In fact you have to take care not to trip over them. More later,as it is late, but a few photos to show what an amazing day it was.

P4100566 P3180845 P3180865 P3180875 P3180878 P2050147 P2050163 P2050173 P2050177

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4 Responses to Marvelous Macaques

  1. Pamela Joyce says:

    What a wonderful experience to be THERE and to see actually see these famous and astonishing animals . I would so love to do that.Great photos of them !

    • Jenny says:

      I had no idea that we would be so close to the monkeys. Frequently they walked past so close that their fur nearly brushed your leg! Tim had one almost sit on his foot. However Tim looked one in the eye and smiled and it snarled at him [we found out later that eye contact is a hostile gesture…oops! The babies were very cute, running around and wrestling each other. It was a very memorable day!

  2. 4cassandra says:

    Your job at National geographic awaits you !!! WOW !

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Cass…I think anyone who has been there would have a similar set of great photos! The monkeys are so close and don’t pay any attention unless you make eye contact [then they snarl]. Luckily looking through a camera doesn’t bother them.

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