Not Lost in Translation….

Struggling with having a post with photos AND words!! Managed to post a version with only pictures and lost one with only text…Anyway, we arrived safely this morning after flying all night & managed to safely catch our first Japanese train…they even serve refreshments onboard [the most delicious apple juice I have ever had…]. We left our luggage at our hotel and braved the trains again and the subway. The zoo seemed like a good start for slightly braindead travellers & we enjoyed the Pandas, Toucans, Otters, Snowy Owl and other animals very much. Lunch was pizza Japanes style and it was pretty good.

Statue at Ueno Park

Statue at Ueno Park



Giant Lantern at Asakusa

Giant Lantern at Asakusa

Panda at Ueno Zoo

Panda at Ueno Zoo

Since we were in the right part of Tokyo, we headed off to Senso-jii Temple, past the never ending souvenir shops [succumbing here and there…] and the incredible mass of people we eventually made it to the temple. The huge paper Lanterns at the entrance made a good photo op. The train home was a solid mass of people but we still managed to get off and stay together. Everybody we have spoken to have been very helpful and pointed us in the right direction if needed. We have already experienced some amazing toilets, yummy food, fast trains and lots of quirky signs. Lots more to come!

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2 Responses to Not Lost in Translation….

  1. Violet says:

    So happy you arrived safely and are having a lovely time. Hooray for helpful folks, yummy food, and accommodating trains. 🙂 Thank you for sharing photos of your journey!

  2. 4cassandra says:

    I’m loving your travel photo’s so much ! What wonderful and amazing images you have captured !

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