One Moon to Rule Them All….!

We went to bed still suffering from weather forecast anxiety; not helped by waking several times in the night hearing rain! I got up at 5:30 and rushed over to see if the cloud had gaps in all the right places. It didn’t yet, but it looked like we might be in luck. I ran back to the villa to let my men know that it was worth coming over, if only to make sure that they were ready for the gaps. This is what we started with.

Tantalisingly close! The Rays were actually interesting to watch.

Then we briefly saw a sickle shaped slice of sun [all the watchers oohed lodly!] before the clouds covered it again. It became dark, Venus was visible, but still cloud & then suddenly the clouds parted and this magical sight was revealed. It truly looked like the sun had gone, replaced by an inky void, surrounded by a flickering pale corona. It barely looked real or possible. I had meant to look around more, see how many stars were out or if birds roosted, but the eclipsed son was too mesmerising to look away from! All too quickly it was over, with a sudden flash of diamond ring, shockingly bright, reminding us all to put our solar glasses back on.

Totality revealed just in time.

The second half of the show was much clearer, although a bit anti-climactic after the spectacle of totality.

The eclipse watchers with solar glasses.

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