Cairns Capers

Rod and I were last in Cairns in 1988 & the boys have never been, so there are lots of interesting places to visit. It is hot and steamy, but not nearly as hot as I was expecting. We have had early starts and long days so I am really behind with this blog, so it will be a bit of a summary! The flight up was uneventful and we arrived at Coconut Resort in time for an explore and dinner. We were not pleased to discover the day had been quite wet! Afterwards we went out looking for geckos & found plenty of these cute lizards.


In the morning  I got up to try to work out if we were going to be able to see the rising sun from here & was relieved to work out that we could…not that I actually saw anything through the cloud cover, go luckily the eclipse was not on Tuesday! After breakfast we went for a walk along the esplanade but the tide was so high that there were only a few birds including these cute stints.

The lush and beautiful Botanic Gardens were our next destination. Beautiful tropical flowers and berries were everywhere in a riot of colour and unfamiliar birds called from the jungle of plants. We saw a bright blue Ulysses butterfly fluttering about, absolutely gorgeous.

Very unusual water lily leaves

Torch Ginger


The mangrove boardwalk was amazing too, with Fiddler crabs waving their oversized claws and mudskippers scuttling around on the muddy banks.

Fiddler Crab

Back to the Esplanade for another look at the shorebirds…lots more about this time & then back for a swim before meeting friends for dinner. Early night in anticipation of the eclipse on Wednesday [which I have written up already]

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