Languishing at LAX

The least appealing part of this trip was always going to be the 7 AM flight at JFK airport, New York [needing a 4:45 am pick up from our apartment], followed by a TWELVE hour stop-over at LAX airport. We are not even at the proper international terminal, so the shopping diversions consist of Starbucks, Burger King and a newsagents/book store…oh and some duty free alcohol. I have looked at them all a few times, hoping something interesting will materialise, but to no avail! It is raining hard outside, so the view from the window isn’t diverting either. There is a seafood restaurant called Gladstones that we can have dinner at, so I hope it is nice. The menu looks good!
Six hours down, six to go! It will be good to be home.

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One Response to Languishing at LAX

  1. Carol says:

    Ohhh memories! At least you will be home soon. It is a bit tedious. A nice drink and suduko helps…for a while !

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