Almost time to leave…..

Another action packed day in New York [and another day with far better weather than forecast! I see it is still raining in Sydney….].
I haven’t much time to update because we were out all day and have been packing this evening ready to be picked up for the airport at 4:45 A.M. [sigh…].
Today we went on a harbour cruise to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The screening & queuing was pretty amazing and strict, but the views of both islands were worth the effort. Then back on the subway & off to the Met, open today! I could have spent a week there, much less a few hours. It was hard to leave with so much unseen. Highlights were the Egyptian wing [Nick was very attentive on Luka’s behalf!], Arms and armor [Nick], Ancient Middle East, Impressionist paintings….
Then a walk through Central Park to the New York Zoo [Rod wanted to see the penguins of Madagascar!]. This was actually a lovely little zoo & being late had the advantage that many of the animals were active. Favourites here were the snow leopards, puffins, King Penguins, Bird of Paradise and Snow Monkeys.
For dinner we had a pizza so BIG that I could only eat one & a half slices!
Fingers crossed that the car turns up on time in the morning and that the trip home is smooth [nothing will make it quick!]. We have had a really amazing time.
Thank you for sharing our trip!

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One Response to Almost time to leave…..

  1. Cass says:

    Your last day sounds great,I’m so glad you got to see the MET.The zoo sounds good too.I simply can’t imagine a pizza so big I could only eat one and a half slices (how big was it ????? I hope you took photographic evidence).I hope your trip back isn’t too tiring.When you get back you may need a few days to recover from jet-lag.I’m looking forward to the photos.

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