Turns out New York sleeps a bit on Monday!

Nick and a Sponge Bob Square Pants ice-cream

15th Century King of Poland, Central Park

Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton

Jenny in Times Square

Chris delighted to meet Minnie!

Contrary to the forecast, the day dawned bright and clear, so after breakfast we set off for Central Park, the Guggenheim and The Met. On the way we saw a pet store, so detoured in to see if they had hamsters. Not only did they have hamsters, but they also had a Chinchilla! The man working in that section very kindly let me hold the Chinchilla which was adorably soft.
Not intending to go in, we walked past the Guggenheim Museum to admire the architecture and noticed a queue of people waiting for it to open. I remarked idly to Rod that I assumed that the Museums and Galleries opened daily & wouldn’t it be annoying if the Met wasn’t open today. In reply he flicked through the guide book and discovered that the Met is NOT open on Mondays…erk! So much for the city that never sleeps! Fortunately, on the opposite side of the Park is the Museum of Natural History, so it became plan B.
After a false start or two, we managed to get properly into Central Park and walked down to Castle Belvedere, and into the Ramble. It is green & leafy and very peaceful [away from the jogging tracks…]. Squirrels, sparrows, robins and blackbirds scamper and flutter around; we were lucky enough to spot a Black Crowned Night Heron and a pair of beautiful Blue Jays, as well as turtles in the lake. The visitor’s centre also closes on Monday, so we couldn’t get a park map…

Chrysler Building

The Natural History Museum is huge, so we didn’t manage to see it all, but we managed a big chunk! We had tickets for the Planetarium, so had 15 minutes to fill, so looked at the North American Mammal dioramas, before watching the presentation. Nick was keen to see the minerals, meteorites and gems, so we headed there, via a wing devoted to early hominids and ancient tools and art. There were so many famous displays there; Lucy, Turkana Boy, Neanderthal Skeletons, Australopithecus, the Venus of Willendorf. I could have spent the day in there! The minerals and gems were similarly overwhelming. Initially we oohed & aahed over every crystal and stone, but after a while we were mineralled out, so headed to the Hall of Ocean Life with its life sized model of a whale and the Hall of Biodiversity. Next were the Halls of Dinosaur skeletons and they were just fantastic, with everything from Archaeopteryx, to Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Now, off to Times Square. This was quite surreal, having seen it so many times on TV. It looks even brighter and busier in person. Chris was absolutely loved it and hardly knew which way to look. He was thrilled when Minnie & Micky Mouse came and shook his hand! We delivered Michael Sprott’s regards to Broadway as requested.
Getting pretty weary now, we set off down 42nd Street to see the Chrysler Building. As we passed by a pretty little park, we realised that we could see the Empire State Building, so to Nick’s relief, didn’t need another detour! The Chrysler building is another sight that it is hard to believe is real, but there it was, gleaming silver with its fantastic gargoyles.
Grand Central Station is just nearby, so we caught the subway from there [after admiring its Victorian extravagance]. Our apartment was only a stop and a short walk home, so it was time to take our shoes off and flop down…till tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Turns out New York sleeps a bit on Monday!

  1. Diane Hockridge says:

    Sounds very similar to one of our days in New York! Except we went in to the Guggenheim (which was really interesting!) and we found the Museum of Natural History a bit old-fashioned. Plus it was completely packed out when we were there so we could hardly move for people!
    Hope you keep enjoying your trip!

  2. Jenny says:

    It is an old fashioned museum in a way, but a lot of the exhibits were very up-to-date, like one of the tiny skulls found recently on Fores. It wasn’t crowded at at, which probably helped! We only have 2 & a bit days in New York, so unfortunately, just not time to see all the Galleries and Museums. If we did, I would go into the Guggenheim! Today is our last day & then we fly home tomorrow. Thanks for reading and commenting & we will see you soon!

  3. Cass says:

    What a FANTASTIC day ! It all sounds good.I love the pic of Chris with Minnie Mouse.

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