New York, New York!

Driving in towards New York

Squirrel at Battery Park, New York

Squirrel posing for the Camera, Battery Park, New York

Statue of Liberty

We woke to more rain, which was a bit disappointing…The Hotel breakfast though was really good, lots of cereals, oatmeal, yoghurt and freshfruit, waffle batter to cook your own, french toast, sausage patties, muffins, bagels and muffins [both the English type and the choc-chip type] and of course juices, teas and coffee.
To make quite sure we were in New York at the appointed time of 2, we left the hotel at 9 [after a petrol stop & a browse in a Cracker Jack store] and headed off through the rain. It became heavier and heavier and then suddenly cleared to blue skies, and warmer temperatures.
Because we were driving along Highways and Turnpikes we didn’t see very much, just the occasional glimpse of a distant dome or steeple, or boats at a river crossing. The hire car needed to be filled up with petrol so we grabbed some quick lunch at the same time.
As we approached New York the roads became more complex and the driving more frantic. Rod was doing ten miles over the speed limit and yet people weaved around us as if we were crawling. I was glad we would soon be handing back the hire car!
Fortunately, next to our apartment was  a parking garage, so we had somewhere to unload & Hertz was only 5 blocks away. We had 15 minutes till a lady was meant to meet us with the keys and let us in. We waited, and waited & waited & rang the intercom just in case and waited & waited….after 40 minutes Rod went off to return the car and I sat forlornly on the steps wondering if we were the victims of an internet scam! As time ticked by it seemed more likely…[our phones won’t work either, so we can’t ring the office…].
Rod returned in about half an hour looking exasperated. Hertz rang the booking office for the apartment and the lady said she had been really early, unlocked the door & left the keys on the table! We had tried the door, but apparently not firmly enough, as it DID open…grr! However, at least we really do have an apartment!
We had wasted an hour of sun & clouds were appearing, but we decided to catch the subway down to Battery Park and catch the free Staten Island Ferry. The closest subway was closed & then the next one needed a metro ticket to access it. Third time lucky, and we loaded up a ticket, caught escalators deep underground and caught a subway train. We had to change at Grand Central & ran across the platform & leapt on a waiting train…which turned out to be the right one. The stations the train will stop at are lit up inside [but not indicated outside as far as we could see!]. Luckily Rod has a good sense of direction & logic, because despite the helpfully numbered streets I would be lost.
We made it to Battery Park & the Ferry [only slightly delayed by cute squirrels] and joined the waiting masses. It is a vast ferry, so there was plenty of room. It didn’t go as close as we hoped though and it was rainy and quite dark, so we hope to have time for a much closer cruise later.
Rod and I braved the streets and found a supermarket and a Mexican Restaurant for “Take Out”. The poor Mexican men making the food couldn’t understand a word I said [How do you pronounce Quesadilla  anyway!]. Pulled Pork Quesadilla and grilled chicken Nachos turned out to be delicious!
Tomorrow should be ok weather in the morning, so off to Central Park.

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  1. Pam joyce says:

    I loved the photo of Chris with Minnie. What a great smile !

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