There is a Reason they call it New England…..

Covered Bridge, Conway

Autumn Foliage

Christmas Village, Conway

Halloween decorations, Maine

House at Ogunquit, Maine

Lighthouse at York, Maine

When we woke up this morning the ground was damp, the sky cloudy and the forecast was for showers, getting heavier. We packed up and hurried off, to try to see a bit of scenery while we could. Conway has several covered bridges, so we found them & walked across. They were both old, although restored. The sides of the road are lined with beautiful trees in yellow, orange, pink and red and the quaint wooden houses look like giant dollhouses.
The rain set in harder and harder, so we visited a Christmas shop and a “Dunkin Donuts” [seem to be everywhere in this part of America] & then set off for Maine.
Of course, it was raining in Maine too, although the trip there was pretty. We went for a short walk at Ogunquit, before continuing to York. It was just possible to make out the Lighthouse through the mist!
Now we are about 3 hours away from New York, so will get there early afternoon. The forecast there is a bit showery too, so hopefully there will be dry patches!

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2 Responses to There is a Reason they call it New England…..

  1. Cass says:

    Despite the recent rain your holiday still appears to be WONDERFUL. We all wish we were there. It looks fantastic . Thanks for all the information and descriptions of everything .I’m enjoying your blog .Apart from one day It has rained EVERY day here and has been about 14C so we have mainly been occupied with videos and computer games !!! (not what I planned).

  2. Pam joyce says:

    Dear Jenny: How exciting to be so near New York I guess the weather won’t matter so much there anyway. I hope you all have a wonderful time. We have all been enjoying your blog very much and you’ve done such a great job putting it all together, The weather is stuck in Winter mode here with today very cool and wet ( A maximum of 16degrees only.) Its such a shame as its the long weekend. Day-light saving started today but the day wasn’t worth saving and I’ve stayed inside and read most of the day.I hope New York New York is a wonderful town- you lucky doers .
    Love, Mum

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