Not Ground-Hog day!

Ground Hog

An alarmed chipmunk!

Jenny and Dorina at Lake Winipesaukee

Bear at Clark's Trading Post

The amazing view to Canada that wasn’t!

Lovely coloured trees on a hillside

Cairns in a river

Yesterday our plans were de-railed by waking to heavy rain and low clouds. It was not really possible to see the Lake at all! We decided to have a quiet local day, so headed off with Dorina to “Funspot” so the boys could play some of the games and go bowling. Then it was off to the supermarket to stock up for lunch and dinner supplies and home via Gunstock to look for leaves at a slightly higher elevation. Fall colour is definitely appearing, with some scarlet bushes and vibrant orange trees appearing through the rain!
Back at the Lake, we had a light lunch, while Dorina prepared her pork ribs. While they were baking, she and I went for a walk down the road in a gap in the weather. I saw what looked like a plump short log on a neighbours lawn & was startled when it suddenly ran away! It was a Ground-Hog, not a creature I had thought of seeing. At intervals we saw chipmunks bolting around, burying bounty for the winter.
Popovers were placed in the oven & potato mashed and we were ready to tuck in. I have to say Dorina cooks the BEST pork ribs I have ever had, and we all ate too much because it was so good. I had wanted to try Ben & Jerry ice-cream, so bought some Red-Velvet cake flavour. It was really good too.
After dinner, Dorina taught us to play Mexican Train Dominoes  which was a lot of fun! We enjoyed it so much Dorina bought us a set to take home with us [Thank-you!].
The morning dawned blue and clear, so we packed up and said our farewells and headed off to Cannon Mountain. As we got higher, the trees displayed more beautiful colours, but the clouds also got lower! We decided to go up the tramway anyway, as the trip up and down would provide us with great views, even if the top didn’t! And it didn’t….it was a white out!
Using our local map, we also decided to do the walk to the basin, a big pothole worn 25,000 years ago by the creek. It flows through a beautiful little forest and was a very enjoyable walk. Next was the Flume Gorge, which is a lot more energetic,  so we had lunch first [cold ribs and bananas, thanks Dorina!]. The Flume gorge walk makes its way up a very narrow gorge via a series of wooden stairs right next to the water. Even now it is very impressive & must be deafening in the Spring! There is a covered bridge on this walk, so I was pleased to finally see one!
Last on today’s itinerary was a drive down the Kancamagus Highway to admire the autumn foliage. It was very beautiful and given the warm weather, a surprising amount of the trees have turned. At intervals it is possible to pull off the road to admire a view or walk to a little waterfall.
Tonight we are staying at Tamworth and will head off to Maine in the morning [instead of Vermont].

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