Boston Cardinal

Trinity Church

Northern Cardinal

We are about to leave for the Lake with Dorina, so I will have to be quick!
We spent most of yesterday flying from San Francisco to Boston, where we were met at the airport by Dorina. We had a splendid feast for dinner of spinach triangles, shrimp, roast pork and vegetables & mushroom rice, followed by brownies and cheesecake with cherries. Dorina’s son & wife and then son came to dinner as well and it was lovely to meet them.
The time difference made getting up a bit of a challenge, but I was motivated by the chance of seeing birds at the feeders in the garden. To my joy not only did a woodpecker turn up, but so did a cardinal, as well as quite a few little birds that I don’t know the name of [but I do have photos].
Today we walked the beautiful Freedom Trail in Boston, starting at Trinity Chapel and ending up with The Constitution [Ship]. We saw Paul Revere’s house, his burial place, lots of beautiful churches and old inns. I think the oldest house we saw was built in 1657! The weather was perfect too, warm and sunny. I hope though that it has been cold enough further north to produce some autumn colour.

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One Response to Boston Cardinal

  1. Cass says:

    Your holiday is turning out to be an amazing series of unforgettable events !

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