Raccoon and Redwoods

Beautiful Victorian Houses in San Francisco

Rod and Nick at the Golden Gate Bridge

A Hummingbird in a Gum Tree!


Redwoods at Muir Woods


Today was our attempt to squeeze in everything that we hadn’t managed to see in San Francisco. We didn’t quite get it all in, but we had a really successful day.
The first stop was the Victorian architecture that survived the 1906 earthquake,  so we headed over to Alamo Square. My favourite house was just a few streets earlier, beautifully detailed with lots of rich colours. Driving down the Haight past shops with names such as Brain Drops and Kannabis Kombat, we headed out to Lake Merced to look for hummingbirds. It didn’t look like we would be successful, so turning to go, we realised that there was a hummingbird hovering in the path! It repeatedly flew up about twenty feet and dive bombed something at high speed. Fierce little critters….
We intended to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was clear that all the tourists were pulling over into Lincoln Park to photograph the bridge, so we did too. Luckily we managed to snag a parking spot. Fog kept swirling in around the bridge, so some of our photos look out of focus! In the gardens we heard the by now familiar call of Hummingbirds and soon saw several zipping about like multi-directional bullets. One was feeding in a flowering eucalyptus and I managed to photograph it!
Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge was fun and we took the Conzelman Rd exit to drive up the aptly named Hawk Hill. Raptors were soaring everywhere. Point Bonita Lighthouse was meant to be open on a Monday, but due to extensive roadwork, it wasn’t open. We decided to picnic there anyway and a member of the road crew sent us through the wrong way on a one-way road. Serendipitously  we misunderstood where to stop and went slightly to far, just in time to see a raccoon wander out of the undergrowth! We had really wanted to see a raccoon, so of course I leapt out of the car for a better look. It was really big, much bigger that I expected & looked a little nervous [it also looked like it hoped I would toss it a sandwich…]. I am sure the roadworker thought I was crazy, but he humored us, before sending us back to the correct place.
We found a picnic table with a view of the sunny bay and bridge and enjoyed our lunch before walking down towards the lighthouse. The track was really pretty, passing succulents and stands of spicy smelling gum trees, fat spotted harbour seals lounging slug-like on the rocks far below.
Muir Woods was next on our agenda,  slightly familiar from the latest Planet of The Apes movie. The trees are amazingly tall, interspersed with oaks and undergrown with poison oak! Needless to say we kept well away from the trail edges! I saw one chipmunk, but he was faster than my camera.
Finally we went to Chrissy Field for a stroll & enjoyed the views of Alcatraz in the late afternoon sun.

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3 Responses to Raccoon and Redwoods

  1. Hi Rod and Jen,

    really enjoying this. Thought I’d share the British Wildlife photograph awards.



  2. Jenny says:

    Beautiful photographs, I love to look at this competition every year.

  3. Cass says:

    You could enter some pics Jenny 🙂

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