Back to San Francisco

Sea Otter and Western Gull at Moss Landing

Tiny Shorebird

Orange Starfish

New York style Pizza in San Francisco

Today was a more leisurely day and one in which we had all four seasons; From warm & sunny, to drizzle to fog to breezy! In no particular hurry we drove up the coast from Monterey to San Francisco, stopping at several beaches enroute. From our cruise yesterday we knew where the Sea Otters like to laze around, so we drove out to Moss Harbour to see if we could find them. It seems this really is a favourite spot as there were about 30 sea otters floating around like furry logs.
Near San Francisco we passed a Marine Reserve and as it was low tide decided to have a look in the tide pools. Harbour seals lay around on the rocks and rangers were there to see that people kept to a safe distance. Particularly interesting here were the large starfish with a raised surface texture like a rockmelon skin over a coloured background. Some were a dark purplish grey and others orange.
Back in San Francisco Rod & I spent some time in a Laundromat,  dull but necessary! The hardest part was finding enough quarters. For dinner we had what is supposed to be New York style pizza. In just a few days we can see for ourselves if that is true!

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