From Mountains to Monterey

Tufted Puffins at Monterey Aquarium

Tufted Puffin coming to investigate Jenny’s fingers.

Jellyfish at Monterey Aquarium

Reef Fish tank

We headed off this morning back towards the coast, heading to Monterey. The temperature was climbing rapidly & soon hit 100F. The scenery on the way wasn’t terribly interesting, very dry and brown. Most of the driving was on freeways-we got the impression that the speed “limit” was more like a minimum as we seemed to be the slowest car on the road.
As we neared Monterey we approached what I thought was a bank of smoke, until noticing that it had no smell, realised it was fog! The temperature had plummeted to 65F, so we were suddenly underdressed.
Fortunately, most of the Aquarium is indoors, so it was warm enough inside. It is on the edge of the bay, so a series of decks can be accessed for views of the bay, seabirds and the occasional seal or sea otter. The tanks are in a series of themes, with jellyfish and sea-horses [including miniature seahorses no longer than a thumb-nail]  in particular a feature. A big tank in the centre has fish of the open ocean with my favourites being the Sun Fish and the menacing looking Yellow-finned tuna.  My absolute favourite exhibit was the Tufted Puffins, with their large jaunty beaks and constant movement. I wish we had puffins in Australia!
We are booked to go to Fishwife [as recommended by Curt] tomorrow night, but felt like something quick and easy tonight. Next door to out hotel is an eatery familiar to us from American novels; “Denny’s”, so we decided to try it. Rod & I both had the Beef rib & Chicken skillet with hash-browns, peppers & onions & served with warm tortillas; it was really yummy! Chris had fish & chips & Nicky a gigantic burger.
It was nice to have a slightly more peaceful day! We are looking forward to seeing more of the region tomorrow.

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One Response to From Mountains to Monterey

  1. Pam Joyce says:

    I’m really enjoying following your holiday news each day. The jelly fish photo is spectacular. Will be thinking of you and hoping you see sea otters. Much love to all.

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