From Tunnel View

View from the Valley floor

California Ground Squirrel

Nick at Mirror Lake

Pileated Woodpecker

Nick and the Grizzly Giant

I meant to update earlier, but it was a long day & the internet connection dropped out-so I am not going to do Yosemite justice tonight!

The scenery is absolutely stunning, with towering granite cliffs towering on either side of the valley. The waterfalls are not flowing very strongly this late in the year, but enough to be very pretty. The weather is surprisingly hot, yesterday was 100F & even up high here it was hot. I haven’t bought nearly enough t-shirts.

There is a potential fine of $5,000 for allowing an animal to eat your food. Within moments of getting out of the car, juggling binoculars, camera, hats, sunburn cream, maps, snacks, I managed to flick a couple of pretzels & chips onto the ground. Quick as a blink this beautiful squirrel appeared from under the car and snatched them…ooops.! The most common squirrel here is [I think] called a mantled squirrel and has a lovely frosted pattern on its shoulders.

We walked to Mirror Lake, drove to Tunnel View, Glacier Point & Wanona to see the Giant Sequoia trees. We saw a fantastic huge Pileated Woodpecker, but missed out literally by moments seeing a mother bear with 2 cubs. We got there in time to hear the excited chatter & saw the photos in the back of their cameras!

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One Response to Yosemite

  1. Vylma Shepherd says:

    Thank you, Jenny, for including us in your holiday. The photos are all stunning.
    You are certainly covering a lot of ground and enjoying ever moment.
    It almost feels that I am there with you, except that I would probably be lying asleep
    on a grassy spot somewhere ! I pray that you will be kept safe and well .
    Love, Vylma

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