Summer in San Francisco and the Hummers come out!

Squirrel at the Botanical Gardens

Paradise Tanager at the California Academy of Science
Anna’s Hummingbird at the Botanical Gardens.
Golden Gate from Baker Beach

It was summer again today in San Francisco, so out with the t-shirts. I wore one with a hummingbird as a good omen!
Our first destination was the Californian Academy of Sciences in the Golden Gate Park. It has a huge multi level indoor rainforest, a planetarium, an aquarium  and other science displays. I was keen to see the birds & they didn’t disappoint. In particular the Paradise Tanager was gorgeous. Lots of beautiful butterflies flit around and the bottom level is an aquarium through which you can look up and see all the rainforest trees. There were some really amazing deepsea fish that have glowing bacteria in little pouches beneath their eyes & so all you can see are pairs of headlights swimming around!
Outside there was a small aviary, but we became distracted by our first squirrel. It was whisking around at high speed as we tried to follow it. As Diane predicted correctly, we were soon to see a great many more. In the Botanic gardens they were running around everywhere!
The Botanic Gardens was close by and we went for a walk looking everywhere for the sort of flowers that hummingbirds like. I had listened to the sound they make on the internet in preparation & we heard it, but frustratingly still couldn’t spot the hummingbird. Suddenly though, we realised that a large moth sized blur was actually a hummingbird! At one point there were about six, all fighting over the same flowering shrub! They are so speedy it wasn’t easy to get photos, so I was very pleased with our efforts. The gardens are lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed the walk, but the Hummers were the best part! We also saw a Blue Jay and a red-tailed hawk.
As well today we drove through an area with the most beautiful Victorian houses, went to Baker Beach to see the Golden Gate and out to China Town for dinner. Our hotel recommended Brandy Ho’s which serves Hunan food and it was really tasty. It was good to get some vegetables too, as I found I was missing them!

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One Response to Summer in San Francisco and the Hummers come out!

  1. cassandra says:

    I’m glad you are having such a great time ! (Luka,Remy and Joe say hi !)

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