From Moose to Milkshakes!

One of the 4 elk antler archways at Jackson Hole, WY

A Moose at Moose Junction!

The Grand Tetons from Moose Junction

Golden Gate Bridge from the plane

All the people who told us that San Francisco is always cold & foggy lied! It is boiling hot tonight!

We quickly packed up this morning & set off via the Post Office to mail the soda cans that Nick has collected so far home. [Look out for a parcel Tim!]. Next stop was the town square to see the elk antler arch ways. There are 4 of them, one at each corner, made of hundreds of elk antlers collected from the elk refuge. I am sure every visitor to Jackson poses as we did for a photo under the archway. We also photographed a Moose statue, thinking that as we needed to be at the airport in about 40 minutes that would be as close to seeing a moose as we would get.
At my insistence we also stopped at the waterbird refuge. I had been looking everywhere for Trumpeter Swans and was rapidly running out of opportunities. It looked like we were out of luck, but as we drove off a distant flash of white caught my eye & Rod kindly pulled over again & there they were, two beautiful white swans. I promised not to do that again today; needless to say I lied! I broke my promise about ten minutes later….
Yesterday the sun was behind the Tetons, so they were at their best in the morning light. The airport was out on the way to the park & we had about 15 minutes spare to drive a bit further down the road to take yet another mountain photo. As we crossed the bridge at the aptly named Moose Junction, I spied about 20 people on the bridge all intently photographing and pointing.  Patiently Rod stopped again and I ran across the road and accosted the first person who was walking towards me. “A moose she replied, back there lying next to the river”. Torn I toyed between charging down the road to look or doing the right thing & returning for the others. I tried a few excited star-jumps, but to no avail, Rod was looking down! I rushed between the traffic & banged on the window “Quick, quick, Moose!”. Deciding that was noble enough, I rushed back [sure the moose would wander out of sight any moment!], but there he was, snoozing in the bushes. Only his head and antlers were really visible, but it was still very exciting.
Now, it really was time to get to the airport! It was our day to experience airport security. First we absently tried to walk through security with drinks…oops. Quickly drank them & tried again. Then there was a loud beep as I went through the scanner; I had been randomly selected to have my hands checked for explosive residue [none…] & then Rod was pulled aside. He had absently packed a multi tool in a carry-on bag and so it was confiscated & his bag re-screened. No more dramas & we were able to board for the short flight to Salt Lake City. We had only 35 minutes before we boarded our connecting flight, so we barely had time to eat lunch.
The flight to SF went quickly too, although getting the hire car took nearly as long. Rental car collection requires an air-train ride! We couldn’t find the bracket for the GPS, so I had to stand in & hold it out! Fast driving on the multi laned Freeway was pretty scary, but we made it to the hotel in one piece! We saw the Golden Gate from the air, which was fortunate, as by the time we walked down to the wharves it was dark. I regret to say the fish and chips we purchased at Fisherman’s Wharf was awful, like battered cardboard; worst we have ever had by a mile. The evening was redeemed by a visit to a Cold Stone Creamery where we shared an icecream with strawberry & Banana & a Milk and cookies milkshake. Both of these were amazingly good!
Tomorrow, San Francisco in the daylight.

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4 Responses to From Moose to Milkshakes!

  1. Jill Harrison says:

    You’ve certainly managed to see the main large wildlife in the US, even the elusive wolf! Love the chipmunk.

  2. Jill Harrison says:

    Oh you still need to see a lynx or cougar….

  3. Cassandra says:

    WOW ! You are all having a great time ! The photos are great. Just remember if you come across another Moose how dangerous they are ! I’m hoping you get a shot of a wolf 🙂

  4. Jenny says:

    We were told the Moose are cranky & to keep well clear! I am afraid my wolf photos are utterly unimpressive as they were a REALLY long way away. It is only the fact that the tiny blobs are in different positions lets you know that they are animals not rocks or stumps! Through binoculars though we could see them quite clearly.
    Jill, maybe we will see one in Yosemite! [not likely though].

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