From Old Faithful to The Grand Tetons

Bald Eagle!


We have had another fabulous day! It started off well; just minutes after we entered the park we spotted a Bald Eagle! I had really hoped we would be lucky enough to spot one of these magnificent birds.
The main goal for today at Yellowstone [before we left for the Tetons was to see Old Faithful. We have no phone reception at all, so were not able to phone for an eruption estimate, but we knew the expected time of the prior eruption, so hoping the geyser would live up to its reputation, squeezed in a few other thermal sights on the way. The Fountain paintpots were really pretty and have some more or less continuously erupting geysers, so it was well worth a stop.
Fortunately Old Faithful really was, and we arrived with ten minutes to spare. It actually erupted exactly at the forecast time!
By then it really was time to drive on, so we headed south to the mountains. A deer suddenly plunged across the road which was exciting.
The Grand Tetons are stunning, like driving through Switzerland. The road goes along side them almost all the way to Jackson and they just got more impressive as we got closer. We simply had to stop at the very pretty Jenny Lake! Nick spotted another chipmunk & this time I managed to get a really cute photo when it paused its mad dashing about for a moment!
At Jackson we settled into the hotel & then set off to get a few groceries. It is the first big American supermarket we have been in and it was such fun! There was a big Halloween display & so many brands of food that I have heard of but not seen or tasted. I was walking around saying “look look, Jello! and Twinkies and Lucky Charms….”
There is a lovely hot tub here, so we went for a soak & chatted to some other guests before coming back to look at today’s photos and update.
Tomorrow we fly out to San Francisco, so it will be very different to anything I have seen so far.
See the Gallery for the new pictures.

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3 Responses to From Old Faithful to The Grand Tetons

  1. Love the writing and photos – keep them coming

  2. cassandra says:

    Luka and Remy say thanks for the Chipmunk shot.

    I’m hoping you were brave enough to try a Twinkie…I’ve been wondering what they are for years !
    I’m fascinated by American food in general.I’ve been having fun looking at Southern Cooking sites (nothing like dieting to get those taste-buds tingling !!!! )

    Everything sounds so exciting.hat a great holiday.I can’t wait to see all the photos ! (I’m presuming you are taking hundreds you aren’t posting here)

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Cass,
    Yes, hundreds more photos! We did try Twinkies, but I must admit I didn’t like them much. They are like packet sponge cake cylinder filled with mock cream.

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