Almost there…

We are stitting at Gate 62E, at Salt Lake City 26 hours after we got up, waiting for our final flight of the “day”!

So far our impressions of the USA consists of flights and airports. It will be good to finally get to Bozeman, but a bit more waiting as we have nearly 2 hours to wait for our flight.

The V Australia flight was pretty good; the food was really tasty [which is pretty much a first!] & the entertainment systems in each seat had about 60 different movies that could be watched whenever you want. Clearly international flight has made some advances since I last flew in 1990. [New Zealand doesn’t count!].

Our concerns about delays at LA airport were unwarranted. We were out of the international terminal and checked in to the domestic flight in 90 minutes.

Looking forward to a nice long sleep!

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3 Responses to Almost there…

  1. cassandra says:

    Hi Jenny (and family),
    I’m curious to hear what you actually ate on the plane ! I’ve NEVER had good food ! I’m glad the real adventure will begin soon.However the 60 movie choices sound great too… can you recommend any ? (Joe,Luka and Remy say hi ….p.s Remy wants to know what movies Nicky liked and Luka wants to know what Tim liked !

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Cass,
    Amazingly the food really was good! For dinner there was a choice of Lamb Rogan Josh with rice and green beans or a chicken and mushroom pie with mashed potato and mushy peas. Both came with a starter of chick peas, char-grilled capsicum and raisins with a spicy tomato dressing and also with a slice of baked cheesecake. For a snack we had a sourdough roll with chicken, cheese, baby spinach and ranch dressing.
    Breakfast was hot cakes with honey pears, vanilla yoghurt and juice.
    The movies were a mixture of old [Rod watched Creature From The Black Lagoon]. Nicky liked Kung-Fu Panda 2 & Gullivers Travels. I enjoyed Water For Elephants, Paul [apart from some excessive language…] & The Tourist. Tim didn’t enjoy any movies because he hasn’t come with us!

  3. cassandra says:

    LOLOLOL…I forgot about Tim not being there! oooops. I agree with the “language” in Paul.It was a bit eye popping especially as we selected the uncensored version !!!
    I’m surprised the food was so good .I feel hungry šŸ™‚

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